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Holy crap I actually did something productive today-

Thanks to genericusername3454 for the inspiration for how she drew the ghoul zombie class .

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Getting in the shower and watching your hair dye rinse away is terrifying, even if you know your hair is still going to stay that color…

It’s just…


Please don’t go…

*whispers* I loved you.

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MaddenGiferator provides a realistic simulation of life in the NFl

holy fucking shit fae


holy shit.

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30 Uncommon Character Development Questions ( send me a number )



  1. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.
  2. Does your character have any noteworthy features? Freckles? Dimples? A scar somewhere unusual? etc.
  3. Does your character have an accent? What does it sound like?
  4. Do they have any verbal tics? Do they have trouble pronouncing certain words or getting their thoughts across clearly?
  5. What are their chief tension areas? 
  6. If you were to pick one song — and only one song — to describe your character, what would it be and why?
  7. How does your character perceive themselves? Positive? Negative? Neutral?
  8. Are they a quick thinker or do they need time to sort through their thoughts?
  9. Does your character dream or are their nights filled with an empty blackness? Describe a dream they’ve had or a night they couldn’t sleep and what they did to preoccupy their time.
  10. If they had a choice, would they prefer a subway or a bus for public transportation?
  11. What do they think of creation? Do they believe in evolution or do they believe in God? What is their religion like?
  12. Describe 5 unusual characteristics your muse has.
  13. Have they ever been so overwhelmed they had to stop and take a break from something? 
  14. Are they a team player or do they prefer to be solo?
  15. Can they multi-task or must they focus on one subject at a time?
  16. What are their best school subjects? What are their worst? List five of each.
  17. Is your character an introvert or an extrovert? How do they handle big crowds of people?
  18. Are they a leader, do they prefer to follow, or would they rather just stay on the sidelines altogether?
  19. If your character was suddenly challenged, would they rather run away or stay and fight?
  20. If your character was allowed to murder one person without any consequences, who would that person be and why?
  21. Your character has been granted 3 wishes; what would they wish for and why?
  22. Does your character trust people right off the bat or does it take them some time to warm up to someone?
  23. Do they prefer romance or affection? What is the quickest way to your character’s heart?
  24. Does your character have any enemies? If so, who and why?
  25. Do they have any weird bedroom habits? Any unusual kinks?
  26. How does your character prepare for bed? Do they sleep at all or can they stay awake for days on end without trouble?
  27. If your character had one thing to say to their parents before they died, what would it be?
  28. Are they afraid of death? Do they have any regrets?
  29. Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?
  30. Finally; if your character was forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?

Send me some numbers to answer in the morning!

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Blah blah work in progress blah blah horse blah blah


Blah blah work in progress blah blah horse blah blah

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Back to the old doodles of a gloomybutt


Back to the old doodles of a gloomybutt

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I took a crack at the fursona generator. I still have two more of these to do, but whatever. Here’s what I have. I was gonna post all five but i may never finish so I’ll go ahead and post these…

I named the Eel Gar and Gaar. I don’t even. Click to read the captions.

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I think my parents have all lost their minds. All of them.

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There are few things more glorious than a friend’s sketchbook.